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Monday, September 01, 2008

Europe as the Europeans See It -A Theme Park!

A Lithuanian Camp in the Alsace Lorraine IV

The Grand Trip of camp was to Europa Park, a European themed theme park, located (where else?) in the heart of Europe . . . Germany.

Photos marked with a * were taken by A. G.

Click on the link to see more.

The hills of Strasbourg the morning we left for the theme-park.

Europa Park is a complete copy of Disneyland, but without the magic of the Magic kingdom, and with cigarettes, beer and pet dogs. In effect it's a theme park envisioned by Europeans as to how a theme park ought to be . . . dripping in all things European, but without any soul. I'm sorry, but any cartoon Micky Mouse, I mean "Euromaus" that speaks with a thick German accent is plain wrong.

The park is divided into various lands -one for each of the major European Countries -Germany, France, Russia etc.

S. the German camper getting ready to enter the park.

D'ennis on a wild tea-cups ride.

A tribute to the Warszawa Chevra who called me a Wiki-head

* On the 'London Bus'


The Amazing Yankel being amazing

Yes, not only can you smoke in Europa Park, you can buy cigarettes as well.

The Flying Dutch Jew in Holland-Land (that does sound awkward)

In Russia Land (didn't I just leave there?)

Chaim in line for a Coke (G-d Bless America!)

* Let's get ready to rumble

Why pay for the photo when you can take a picture of it for free?

Hirshy Boy, Hirshy Boy (You've got to be in camp to understand this one)

A show about knights in German. From what I understood, the crusaders were good

and the Arabs could summon Satan . . . makes sense to me.

In Portugal Land:

Chaim! (I found the lei in Russia Land)

A plus-side to a German Theme park.

Is he tall enough?

A one point we realized that S. was missing from the group. Not hard I thought, all we need to find is a sandy haired, pudgy kid that speaks German . . . But upon looking around, I realized that in Germany all the little kids were pudgy and sandy haired . . . Thankfully we found him a few minutes later, he was busy looking on his map for the place that lost children were to go to!

Part of the Berlin Wall

The Silver Star roller coaster was the hit of the park.

S. on Europa Park, his favorite rides etc. I wasn't sure how to say counselor, so I tried saying it in Russian (his mother is from Lithuania), English and Hebrew to know avail . . . Though I'm not sure if he knew what I was referring to, he did think his madrich was cool!

Don't ask. (It's somewhat of a tradition)

Good times

If the kids can't make through dinner awake, it's a good sign

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Leora said...

You definitely had fun. Love your Crusader commentary. Your Hirschy Boy photo was very cool (and warmly orange, too), even if we don't get the joke.

Mottel said...

Thanks again! In short that camper always wandered off on his own -so we all had a good laugh when the camp was sitting on one side of the arena, and he was alone on the other.

Alter Eliyohu 2.0 said...

good stuff!
You keep the internet interesting.

Mottel said...


Sefirah said...

I couldn't stop laughing!!!!!!
Great post!

chaviva said...

These are marvelous :) So jovial! Yankel looks happy, the freckly kids look happy, you look happy. I love it!

L'chaim with the beer :)

Mottel said...

-Chaviva: We all had a great time . . . L'chaim to you as well.

Nemo said...

Annoying ... comments disappearing again...

I asked why is it that it's considered ok for Bochurim to go out for a drink when they're traveling but they'd never go to a bar in Crown Heights?

(I'm coming in for Shabbos btw, we should shmooze in 770)

Nemo said...

Dos meint Moral Relativism

Mottel said...

I was going to write: "Nemo your comment was not lost -you forgot which post it was on."
I see that you've since found it.
In any event I won't be in town over shabbos. My grandfather passed away today.
Auf Simchas

Anonymous said...


His neshomo should have the ultimate aliya which is neshomo beguf with Moshiach NOW!

As for not drinking in bars in the US - culture in Europe is different and drinking in a bar, especially when it is just a beer or 2, is not considered decadent.

redsneakz said...

It's funny - I find American theme parks soulless money-grubbing places filled with beer and cigarettes too.