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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The French Connection III -End of Lita

On the last Thursday of camp we went to Euro Disney Land.
I'm an L.A. boy . . . Disney land is in my bones.
Though the layout was almost identical . . . it some how didn't feel the same.
Main Street USA in France is great . . . despite what the French may say, they too have given into U.S. pop-culture.
Yet still, the wild west in French just doesn't work.
Snobby French Voice
"Mesdames et messieurs d'attention : Tenir svp dessus sur vos chapeaux parce que c'est un tour rapide. Merci "
and then:
"Helloooo there Ladies and Gents! This here is the fastest ride this side of the Mississippi, so hold to them hats -Much Obliged."

Main Street USA

The real tricolore.

Why spend 15 Euro on a picture when I can take it myself?

Welcome to the France of the future.

The day remained clear until around 8:00 in the evening -then the rain began . . .
When it stopped, we were wet, but the sky was amazing.
A Simple Jew (and co.) these photos are for you.

Disney Dreams . . .

I was feeling rather low the day we went to Disney.
By the time the 10:45 parade and firework show came around, I was wet, cold and tired.
The parade, therefore, made me feel rather sentimental . . . It brought back childhood years.
If I had wanted to, I could have cried (I'm assuming everyone knows
what that mood is like . . . where if one wants to bask in self-pity,
the tears can just spill out)

The Shliach's kid couldn't understand how I knew the words to the songs.
Oh well.


Motzie Shabbos we made a grand raffle and play.

Shmuli raffles of his old hat . . .

. . . and my camper Benya wins!

Our Staff play was about a young man, searching for truth in this insane reality we call life . . .
Searching, always growing, always learning . . .
He first stumbles upon a new age group . . .

"Ummmmmmmmmmmm. Ummmmmmmmm."
" Let us go and greae the great spirit of the Great Granola Bar and walk upon coals in environmentally friendly shoes."

Next he goes to a Karate dojo/ Sushi Bar

"To join us, you must break a chair with your head!"

. . . a Gospel choir.

"Sing with me my Brothers!"

. . . A U.F.O. cult . . .

"I have had a dream, an Alien came to me! His name is oooh aaaah boing ee boing ee boing 9 fom the planet Gwuup . . . "

" . . . He said that they will destroy the world! The only way to be saved is by transferring all of your bank accounts to me!"

Our hero tries a revisionist synagogue . . .

"Let us read from our Torah -Time Magazine . . ."

Hagbah -"V'zos harabbi asher sam Moshe . . ."

At last he comes to a true home . . .

CHABAD! L'chaim!

The Bonfire:

Har Sinai (from arts and crafts) goes up in smoke . . .

Brunoy -on the way to Italy.


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You have some amazing photos on your blog!

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A Simple Jew said...

The picture of you on the table with the turban looks like the video of Bin Laden in the cave! :)

Editor said...

great pics!