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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Tour of Strasbourg

A Lithuanian Camp in the Alsace Lorraine III

One of the "main" trips of camp was to Strasbourg.
Click on the link to see the post.

I've been to many pretty cities -my favorites, however, have remained Venice and Prague (with Amsterdam close behind) . . . visiting Strasbourg I was very impressed by the city.

The rooftops of Strasbourg

(Here's another angle of same shot)

The younger campers

A statue of Gutenberg

The Palace

We came upon a mother duck with her ducklings . .

In the water

There was a group of what else . . . drunk Russians

The old Jewish quarter

The former Shul building

Taking a a break with Chaim. I'll have more about local beers in a future post on travel tips.

The European Parliament:

Notice Georgia's flag at half-mast

By my Royal Principality's Flag -Liechtenstein (Also next to Lithuania)

Georgian protesters and Lithuanian campers in conversation.

Don't forget to check out parts I and II

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chaviva said...

It's like walking through an imaginary make-believe wonderland :)

Beautiful photos, again!

Leora said...

Fabulous: the rooftops, the campers, the architecture, the canal/river, the floating fowl, the Jew Rue.

I figured out if I go to Picasa I can click slideshow and view your pics without having to scroll.

Mottel said...

-Chav: But the great thing is that it isn't make believe
-Leora: Jew Reu, I like it!

Nemo said...

Why is it ok for Bochurim to go to bars when they're in other countries but not when they're in CH?

Mottel said...

-Nemo: Glad you found some time. Who says it's ok in other countries? Or for that reason, who says it's a problem in CH? In any event we were in a French Cafe.

Nemo said...

Oh, sorry, I thought this comment was lost and commented on another post ... my fault for using the slow citi-wide wifi. (Please G-d I'm getting my own installed on Monday morning)

Anyway, it's a Bavusteh zach that bochurim sit down for a beer in the airport or sit down at a local pub in a foreign locale. I don't know if that makes it "ok," but I don't think there's any clear cut rules on the issue (Yoreh Deah 114 aside ;) ). Which means to say that it might not be a problem per se in CH.

It just seems like the same people that would have a hergesh that s'is pas nisht to go to a bar in NYC have no problem doing it while they're away (I'm not judging ... you know me). The same question could be asked about clothing; that when some bochurim travel (not necessarily in camp) they wear t-shirts, but in CH they won't walk the streets without a H & J.

Is it just that they're are afraid to be seen, or better, is it just some extra decorum in CH?

Anonymous said...

"& it makes me wonder"
People bow to social norms
thats the nature of humanity

Mottel said...

It's within the realm of Halacha as well -the currently trendy and almighty hilchos tznius are often based on the norms of society (why S'fardim go barefoot and Ashkenazim can not)