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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

End of Lita Redux

A Lithuanian Camp in the Alsace Lorraine V

With the bunk

Click on the link for photos from the end of camp . . .

The night before the last day of camp the counselors went on a trip to Saverne. We went to Haut-Barr, a ruined castle in the nearby hills. To our surprise, the castle was completely open -the stairs, the towers, everything.
It made the whole experience rather spooky . . .

Good-bye Phalsbourg:

The last evening in Phalsbourg I went around the town to take pictures.

The Last Supper:

That night before all the campers left we made a special banquet.

The winning sports team.

Good times with Artur

Prizes were given out to campers . . .

The older campers went ahead and volunteered the prizes they won to the younger campers.

A taste of things to come:

A map of my travels this summer (I know it's not such a good one) Red is by plane, Blue by bus

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Leora said...

Great architecture. Enjoyed your campers faces and the map, too.