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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On Polish Beer, Visual Poetry and Spiritual Global Warming

An Ode to Żywiec - or how I fight Global Warming
The Boston Herald his a nice Op-Ed on the Global Warming craze (Hat Tip: LoR).

Skeptics of the Al Gore School of “We’re All Gonna Die” Climate Panic often refer to global warming as a religion. Close, but not quite.

It’s more like a cult - a suicide cult.

. . . the beliefs of global panic kooks are impervious to reason. When NASA’s erroneous temperature readings were recently corrected, revealing no measurable change in temperature since 1998, global alarmists were, well, alarmed. (Aren’t they always?)

. . . climate-change cultists can make any set of facts fit within their belief system
[Note the record setting cold of last winter in Los Angeles being caused by Global Warming -Mottel]. Iain Murray at the Competitive Enterprise Institute quotes a report from LiveScience in June 2005 that “Since the late 1960s, much of the North Atlantic Ocean has become less salty, in part due to global warming.”

Murray tags that with last month’s New Scientist magazine, which writes: “Surface waters of the North Atlantic are getting saltier probably due to global warming.”

. . .

Ellen Goodman, columnist for the Boston Globe-Democrat says global-warming skeptics are “on par with Holocaust deniers,” only more dangerous . . .

I heard an almost surreal ad on the Radio in New York a few weeks back.
It went something akin to this:

Woman 1: It's coming . . .
Woman 2: It's Coming . . .
Man1: Global Warming!
Man2: Global Warming!
Woman 3: Global Warming is here.

Cute Child: Global Warming is here, and if we want to stop it, we must act now!
Woman 1: Or face hundred foot tidal waves . . .

Man2: Melting Ice Caps . . .
Cute Child: and dwindling resources.

Everyone: We must do something now . . .
Cute Child: So we can have a future . . .


People ask why something so important as Global Warming can be politicized, when it ought to be a universal concern . . .
The reason being that the agenda of pushing (and distorting!) information about Global Warming is one all too political.
It fits snuggly together with the beliefs of anti-capitalism and anti-Globalizationism, giving an emotional and acceptable overtone to an otherwise failed belief system that went down with the fall of Communism and end of the Summer of Love. Its been a politicized because the people who picked it up and ran with it did so in order to brandish it as war cry for their cause.

That's not to say that I don't believe that something is going on, nor that 'Global Warming' is some vast Left-Wing conspiracy . . .

Nature goes through ups and downs; we had the Little Ice Age of a few centuries back, and the Medieval Warm Period even further in the past. There will be those who jump to tell me that the subject of climate change is subjective, and conclusive data from those periods can not be brought to disprove Global Warming . . . But by the same token, the very phenomena of Global Warming that we now experience is subject to same inaccuracies of the past. One need look no further then the Global Cooling of the 70's.

To further the problem, whatever data that seems to run counter to the theory is worse then 'Holocaust denial' (My morbid sense of humor tells me that had these Global Warming fanatics lived during the Holocaust, the camps would be protested for their carbon emissions - or praised for the ending of CO2 produced by overpopulation (r"l))
How then can any research be done in if the scientist faces ostracism from his colleagues and risk grant money? (In truth, there is no true scientific majority who are full proponents of the theory . . . But the popular image of the problem exists preventing objective research).

We need to do our best to preserve nature, but for so many reasons besides Global Warming, and in ways far more practical then the feel good or anti-progressive ones currently in vogue.

As to those who believe in apocalyptic Global Warming, I don't thing that they all come with such sinister political agendas -far be it from that, most people out there honestly are worried for altruistic reasons, or at least in order to still a conscious that is otherwise devoid of a sense of moral objective (Hence the hypocritical support of celebrities and socialites). The problem lies in the people who are pushing the issue . . .

There is silver lining in every cloud -even in one caused by Carbon Emissions . . . And that is the spiritual source of this fear (I'm sure I saw another attempt to tie Judaism to Global Warming somewhere, but I can't remember where).
The sun is analogous to the revelation of divine light above; the increased 'heat' of G-dliness becoming more manifest in the world. Our combined human actions will precipitate the increase of water -water referring to Torah - in the world . . . Until the whole world is filled with the knowledge of G-d -as water covers the face of the Earth.

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