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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The King is in the Field, But Where is Mottel?

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Another day with no post . . .
My hits are at an all-time low, but how can I blame you guys if I can't come up with original material myself?
In the past I used to work on coming up with something to put up,and truth be told, it often worked.
But lately I'm just too distracted to go through a myriad of blogs and news sites until the Blogging Muse bites my fingers and drays out some new concept to take its place in the nameless oblivion of push-button publishing . . .
If the fish bites, I'll reel it in, but if it doesn't - I'm not going to the store to buy fish-sticks.
I like seeing the hits, and getting comments from everyone - it makes me feel like my time spent on this experiment that is Letters of Thought all worthwhile. I can not however, put out below-par posts (is there such a thing here) just to keep you all coming . . . I love you all too much to do it :-)

The truth was that I started writing a very interesting post, an extended version of the 'King in the Field' parable -told from the perspective of the people greeting the king . . .
It should be very nice, I just hope I get it up before Rosh Hashana!

In other news

Chaim - a fellow comrade from the land of the Warrior Saws and of The Flying Dutch Jew fame - has come out with another(?) blog . . . Check out his great pictures on the new photo blog Chaims Gallery!

So . . . as I said, there went another day with no post.

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yingerman said...

cheer up we all have, and we all lose it.
I think its just that there's lots to do and lotsa bloggers, and just not enough time to invest in keeping the interesting shmuzzes and hits coming.

Mottel said...

Thanks for the words.

De van Halems said...

Thank you verry much!

chanie said...

The point is not the כמות, but the איכות. In general, your posts are good quality, but don't worry about producing a post daily.

The title- 'The King is in the field...but where is Mottel?', says it all. The King is in the field...for one more day before He returns to the palace. Tomorrow night you have a court case. Are you ready? Run to the King, Mottel, run....He is your Father, and he is waiting for you. Forget the blog, run to Him.