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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where is all that Global Warming?

I've hear rumors that some sort of Global Warming is going around . . .

That Al Gore has been trying to scare us into shape before it's too late . . .

And that now we see that he's right -that the East Coast is experiencing its warmest winter in decades.

But, frankly, I'm darn cold.

Right now it's 42° F with wind chill making it feel like 38.

Tonight the Low is set for 36
° . . . that beats the record low set at 37° in 1932!

Frozen Oranges in Southern California (Source: LA Times)

So tell me now, where is that Global Warming that everyone is going wild about? I could sure use some.

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yitz.. said...

it's a complex system. as the system warms overall, the weather becomes more chaotic, not just hotter everywhere. It causes the weather patterns to change drastically.. hence frozen oranges in socal is actually a good example of the results of global warming..

Mottel said...

I knew of your answer -you can't win with liberals, can you?
I don't see how this can truly be Global Warming -is the entire process to take such rapid effect?
Last year Los Angeles was warm,Montreal and Eastern Europe cold -everything as it ought to be.
I think this is due to some other snag in the system.

redsneakz said...

"Global warming" is shorthand for "global climate change." It's not predictable what the effects will be. There are too many variables at work here - the decreasing amount of ice in the polar regions affecting the amount of light reflected, the amount of particulate matter in the atmosphere, the amount of heat absorbing gases, and so forth.

Don't blame the "liberals" for not being able to predict the future. This is not just a short-term thing. This is a process that's been going on for 150 years, and it's entirely possible that we've reached a tipping point. Or not.

Mottel said...

Weather always changes -some time back we had the little ice age.
I don't deny the changes . . . only I don't see them as apocalyptic as they are made out . . . Nor do I know to what extent we truly contribute to them.