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Friday, January 12, 2007

On Photography

Picture of the Week VI

This picture has in fact been posted here once before . . . But I like it and figured I'd give it another go around.
Taken in Euro Disneyland (You can read more about it here) I snapped this shot near the Indiana Jones ride, right after torrential rain.

As well, A Simple Jew has put up a guest post written by yours truly in one of his famous Q&A posts.

You can check out the whole thing there . . . But I'll put a sampling of what i wrote here:

With art we take the mundane, the normal, and give a new look on the world around us. We distill the world down to its basic elements and bring those that we wish to focus on in to the forefront. Even with abstract -'modern'- art, the artist has chosen to express certain elements from the world at large -only in a more greatly distilled manner; he has broken up the concept into mere color or form.
On the subject of the power of imagery, we find a letter written by The Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe to his Son in Law, Reb Mendel Hornstein. (Vol III, 580) :
. . . the life force of a Visual Image brings the image itself to life.
A Good Shabbos Y'all.

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