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Thursday, September 06, 2007

All Washed Up

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I went to make a load of laundry in the laundry-machine . . .

Washing is $1.25.
Drying is $1.25.
In quarters only.

So I look in my wallet, and find a crisp ten dollar bill -that's a start at least.

I ask for change, but no one has . . . so when passing the vending machine, I figure I'll buy a candy for 35¢. The machine tends to be stocked with dollar coins -making it easier to find change.
I put in my crisp ten dollar bill, and press A4 for my snack.
The snack falls down with an automated twist.
Then the coins begin to come out . . .
But much to my shock, they aren't Dollar coins. Nor are they quarters. Nor dimes.
No, my friends, they are nickels.

Nine dollars and sixty-five cents worth of nickels.

Thats One Hundred and Ninety-Three nickels. And all of them are now clinking out of the machine . . .
Like water being dumped by the army of brooms gone awry in Sorcerer's Apprentice, the coins spill over and onto the floor.
I hold my hand to the return change place of the machine. Soon one hand does not suffice, and I must use two. When they become full, I use my shirt.
A crazy Russian man who visits the mikva at three in the afternoon and laughs at the jokes he tells himself when wandering around the neighborhood, walks by.

"Did you win the lottery?"

He laughs and continues on his way.

'What am I to do with all of these coins?' I wonder, as I shovel handfuls of coins into my pockets.

Inspiration strikes, though from my first flounder obviously it isn't twice . . .

I walk over to the soda machine this time and put five nickels in, and press coin return.

A quarter pops out.

I out in seventy-five cents worth of nickels . . .

Three shiny (well at least after so many nickels, they seemed shiny) quarters came out.

The plan had it's limitation though -I couldn't put in more change then the maximum price of a drink -75¢.

Just as I finished my last few nickels, the Russian walked back,

"Still playing the slot machines?"

At least I got my wash done . . .

By the way, does anyone need quarters?

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chanie said...

more like....does anyone have ten אגורות?

psrby/heretostay said...

VERY funny!

Mottel said...

Glad to see that you're here to stay -though will it be derech ma'avir (passer by) or derech hislabshus (here to stay)