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Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Wedding in Thoughts

After a long and, as I can only assume, highly anticipated await . . . I give you:
The photos from my wedding.
For those of you who made it, I thank you. For those who could not - you were with me in my heart . . . please consider it now that you've seen the wedding, as if you were actually there.
Please click on the link to enjoy them.

Walking with my father, Der Tayere Tatte

Photos of the Choson:

Nice, no?

Walking to the choson's tish with the shver and DTT

Rabbi Labkowski, Rosh Yeshiva of 770 explaining to R' Levke Kaplan where to fill out the
shtar tannaim.

CYFried signs as an Eid on the Ksuvah
(did you do teshuvah?)

The Amazing Yankel signs as well

Al Cheit by Mincha

Putting on the Rebbe's kapota

Walking to the Chupa

The bride circle the groom seven times (and gets really dizzy while she's at it)

Behold thou art betrothed unto me with this ring by the laws of Moses and Israel

Couple shots

Time to dance:

On a chair

Dancing with cousin Jonathan

Dancing with the one and only Abes

(To Everything There is a Season) Turn, Turn, Turn

Dancing bochurim

Say L'chaim

Mottel style

Light in motion

Dancing with a dear blogger friend of ours

A very poor shot of the Warszawa Chevra doing the Polish wedding dance

With the
Flying Dutch Jew

Cousin Jeremy Lightstone speaking

DTT speaking, gotta love him

Yuda Piamenta!

Shwa - the man that became a Rabbi with me

Mitzvah Tantz v'da"l

All the boys. Name the blogger in this shot

Sheva Brochos:

Shmueli of Warsaw fame

With Dear Dan

Dancing for the Bubby

Saying goodnight to the boys!

What a wedding it was . . . May there be many more simchas for us all!

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Tamara said...

LOVELY ! Wish there was one closer up one of the two of you together :)

yitz said...

Looked beautiful! mazal tov!!

Anonymous said...

Those photos tell a wonderful story - it looked like the most wonderful day! Thank you for sharing them with us all.


shira said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.

Wishing y'all many simchas to come!!

Chana said...

Thanks, Shira.

Anonymous said...

Tzig actually likes this nut....

Mottel said...

-Anon: I was always told when growing up: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. And if you don't have the balls to write something pernicious and rude in your own name - go to Hell."
I think Girsa d'yonkesa remains true to this day - I hope you burn for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

So sweet and kind. I guess you gave up on giving me your latest copy of Tzvos... magazine.

A lot of russian influences, the whole mitzvah tank thing, the kids chanting and singing all seven names, like in the times of the Czar, a lot of military jargon that kids use like the commies. keep your Liketey Maharan's to yourself.


Mottel said...

-Anon: There's a time and place for everything . . . When I write about the eckel'dike actions and hashkafos of the 'Misnagdishe' olam, you can come under your name 'Snag JR' and write your hate. But when I'm writing about my chasuna . . . You need help.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what you are talkin about.... you have a lot of hate in your heart. Especially the earlier post about burning... How can someone who is mizerah yisroel speak like that... I know, I make hanuches and ask questions...

Anonymous said...

One question: the guy taking the photo of the oyved davening minchah, was he the same photographer for the whole wedding, or you got someone special just for the minchah picture?

e said...

in one of the pictures, you ask us to spot the blogger. I saw three bloggers in the picture. You'd be surprised how many bochurim have blogs...

chanie said...

Mazal tov! Stunning pictures.

Altie said...

beautiful. where was the wedding?

e- maybe if they came out of the woodwork and stopped hiding in the shaddows we'd all know abt them, wouldnt we?

e said...

From your lips to the hidden blogger's ears...

Jack Steiner said...

Mazal Tov!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are lovely! I thank you for sharing them.
Keep blogging!

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