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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Yo've Gotta Love Your Bubby

or the Legend of the Missing Strudel

Editors Note: Perhaps those outside my extended family will not fully appreciate this post, but I feel it does indeed have some merit for the general public. Enjoy.

My Mother Reports:
Here is a[n Urban Legend for your blog]
. . . Last night grandma brought out a
piece of strudel her [first cousin] Alan had made for [his son] Benji's birthday. It was with filo dough
(store bought and bitter) [with little] sugar and the bitterness of lemon
[Now, in the matriarchal Yesovitch clan - of which my Grandmother is a member - none made a better strudel then Auntie Bessie. The youngest of four girls and a son to reach Canada (the eldest son, Tuvya, was sent to Siberia -where he ultimately died), B. knew her mother's family's satrudel recipe. Whenever there was a family simcha, B. would craft her pastry in the rime honored tradition of the Yesovitch women.
Thus family lore soon became that no strudel could live up to hers. Alan's was no exception, his did] not [taste] at all as good as that of the famous [recipe of his mother] Auntie Bessie. As I was explaining the difference to [Sef], Grandma [renowned for her child of the depression frugality and penchant for saving everything] said she had some in the freezer!
[For years rumors had circulated that she had indeed saved a piece from the last time her aunt had made a batch. But without proof, it had remained the stuff of family reunion talk alone.]
It turns out she had [indeed] hidden it years ago in a package called "liver" (!!), so [that] no [one] would would think to look for it.
Ok this is weird. At least 20 year old strudel [has finally surfaced]. Maybe she made it when you, [our dear Mottel,] were born?
Auntie bessie [passed away four years ago.] I am sure she is laughing in heaven with all of us. [Sef] was appalled until I told her about the baby woolly mammoth steak story . . . Grandma told [us not] to eat it, because it was frozen... Rather [we ought] to wait for the strudel to thaw. I fell asleep early. . . and when I woke up in the morning . . . well the pics tell the
story. . . It is really true, the strudel could possibly outlive all the Yesovitch clan. The fable still lives on . . .
by the way, it tasted ok save a little freezer burn and my memory was just right....more sugar, more nuts, no lemon peel and lots of braizel. xo

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Sef said...

here here

le7 said...

I want some of that strudel. Please.