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Friday, July 10, 2009

Picture of the Week 80: New York, New York

New York City as seen coming from Washington DC on my return flight from London

Wishing everyone (even the farbissine misnagdim out there) a good Shabbos.
As a side note - this post is post 900!

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gruven_reuven said...

Great Shot!

Snag Jr. said...


This is better than Rafael

this is what the FR meant!!

Mottel said...

Gruven Reuvein: Thanks!
Snag JR: You miserable low life - stop with the bittul torah and do something useful with your life . . . If shtieg real hard and show the world your gadlus you'll still have a chance to marry the Ros Yesiva's daughter.

Baruch sh'hivdilanu min hatoim nasun lanu torad emes!

Snag Jr. said...

Did that already. Now I am into Chasidus.
If you guys would do a better PR job, you you would attract more tzelem-kep. How is a ben-teyreh gonna be attracted by a guy with a camera obsession?

Mottel said...

Because if he was an Ohev Yisroel in the derech of the Chofetz Chaim and all other Gedolei Yisroel, he would be dan l'chaf szchus, would look into the true character and skills of the person which he felt needed clarification . . .
That's beyond the fact that your attack on my photography is entirely baseless - the result of your cruel hatred warping your mind.

Snag JR. I'm asking you to get a life. Either cut the crap and bring valid ta'anus and logical statements - if not ahavas yisroel and derech eretz - or get the hell of my blog. Your rancid bitter nature and acrid words caused by some sickness in your soul have no place here.

le7 said...

Oh. I thought the Snag Jr. comment was a joke.

Seriously. Amazing photo.

le7 said...

Mamosh amazing.

Snag Jr. said...

I am shocked by your bitter verbiage. I offered helpful advice on how to engage the uninitiated. The perception of your actions is not one that would endear you and cause you to be emulated by someone who is attached to the Torah.

The outsiders don't see the immense spirituality in your photo obsession. It is perceived as inane. I am sure that taking and posting aids you in your spiritual pursuits and makes the Rebbe proud.

It is still bad PR

I don't think you are a bad person, even though you hate snags. You were raised on such hate and therefore I don't expect you to act differently; anymore why I don't criticize you for not understanding a word in Birkas Shmuel.

But sechel can be expected from (almost)everyone. You dedicate your existence for others, yet you are turning off many people from the truth.

Think about it

Mottel said...

Snag: Hakol kol ya'akov uber m'zet nach alts az hayadiyim yidei eisov. You sa one thing w/your words - but your actions show a different kavana. You claim to be giving me sage advice and to be shocked by my response - yet you continue to insult my photography. You have no clue what the other 895 posts not on the front page of this blog speak about. You have no understanding of who I am or what I do.
Bad PR? For who? My goal is to be M'kariv Liban shel Yisroel l'avihem shebashomiyim. What I write and post positively affects those I deal with - that beyond the fact that this is a personal blog - not a Chabad house. If in your density and hatred you fail to see what I do here palpable to your corse palat then bug off. It wasn't meant for you.
You are the one being mvatel torah posting comments on blogs you find to be a problematic.
I don't hate 'snags', you have no hasaga as to who I am or what I feel. In your arrogance you assume I wouldn't be able to understand a birkas shmuel. Come to Crown Heights in the kolel and lern a vart fun dem Aibershten's heilige torah. Trust me muzhik that I'm ready.
Put your money where your mouth is:
Seven one eight seven seven three three seven zero five. Kling mir and we'll set up a date!

Snag Jr. said...

I don't walk into a tiflah

Why in the world should I want to meat you?

How many cholukim are there in Birkas Shmuel?

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the trolls

Snag Jr. said...


crossed a line unintentionally. Have a nice life

Mottel said...

Come again? Which line?
Glad to help increase the peace.

Snag Jr. said...

proverbial line in sand. I was told that I crossed it. Apologize

Snag Jr. said...

HQ? huh?

Mottel said...

You mentioned Headquarters in your comment on the Tzig.