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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First Day in Kollel

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7:30 my first morning in Crown Heights after the wedding, my alarm clock came to life. Having gone to bed a paltry three hours before - after finally catching up on the back log of Rambam that had been growing increasingly longer since my wedding day - I did not come as quickly to life.
With no coffee in our place (the trusty old mud machine in 712 still stands as stalwart sentential guarding the Milchige kitchen . . . ) I slowly rolled out of bed and began to assemble my clothes for the coming day.
Pants: check (still on from the night before), Shirt: check (one clean shirt left from the trip to the cleaners before the wedding), Glasses . . . Glasses? No where to be found.
Look as I may, in the clutter of a newly settled and unfamiliar home, I could not find my specs. At last, ceding defeat in the face of my ever growing tardiness, I grabbed my mikvah bag and emerged into the world, sans glasses, blinking like a mole.
Rushing to the mikvah, I opened my bag . . . only to see that I hadn't brought my shampoo, soap, sandals et al - but instead my wife's makeup bag.
After running home, finding the correct bag, and dashing back to the mikvah, I was finally able to head off to chassidus in the Kollel.
My first day learning as a married man.
And with my dear friend the Amazing Yankel to boot!
Arriving at the Kollel half past eight, I entered the large room - packed full yungeliet learning chassidus.
I realized, much to my horror, that with out my glasses I would never be able to discern the Amazing Yankel among the white-shirted, bearded masses with out walking up to each table to get a better look at the guys sitting there.
After a few minutes I gave up the wandering and sat down . . . only to be tapped on the shoulder by someone a year or so older then me,
"This is my place," he said. "I've been learning here for two years already!"
He then proceeded to produce a brown lunch bag with a smiley face and a little message written on it.
Producing a handful of cookies and an apple, he began to happily munch on his breakfast.
I was overwhelmed suddenly with flashbacks from kindergarten.

And so things go . . . what ends, only cycles back to the beginning again.

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The Real Shliach said...

Yeah, the one time I tried learning in kollel (don't ask), I kept on getting moved by people. Fun.

e said...

that guy's wife is really sweet. le7: put smileys on trs' lunches. It's such a nice gesture.

Snag Jr. said...

How does it work out, the whole coming in the middle of the zman thing?

Mottel said...

-TRS: Get ready for it all!
-e: Why do you think TRS should get the sweetness and not me . . . I'm hurt!
-Snag JR: Not sure - I came at the start of the summer Zman.

sarabonne said...

Have you found your glasses yet?

chanie said...

Yeah, Mottel...did you find your glasses? Where were they? And what did you do about the makeup-aka-mikva bag? (One thing certain- won't happen here. I have this tiny thing that holds tea tree oil, q-tips, a clothespin, 2 homeopathic remedies, and gumiyot. Guess I'm not a true girl...)
Oh- and did you find a seat? Or did you go back home to exchange stuff and find the glasses?

And e didn't say you should get it- because your wife isn't a blogger like le7 is. So there. :D Tell Chana to start a blog.

Chana said...

thanks for the idea, chanie, but not happening - ever.

e said...

Even if you don't get a blog, will you put smilies on Mottel's lunches?

Chana Langman said...

if we have lunch at home, where do i put the smile?

The Real Shliach said...

What does mordechai have to do for you to change your name to Lightstone?

Mottel said...

-Chana: Put it on your face.
-TRS: How sexist! Today's modern women don't need to change their last names thereby subjugating themselves to an antiquated patriarchal code! Why I honestly hope we'll be seeing a Chanan Scheibengraber soon!

The Real Shliach said...

I should certainly hope not. I have enough problems with people not being able to pronounce my last name as it is.

chanie said...

Chana- why not? Jk, just teasing. :) Good for you. But seriously- why not? (Curious...)

TRS- he's gotta remind her to sit down and change it. But since it doesn't mean much to either of them, it'll stay "Chana Langman". Honestly- who cares?

Mottel- LOL.

TRS2- "mie-ster"- no?

The Real Shliach said...


chanie said...


The Real Shliach said...


le7 said...

This is a hilarious conversation... you have to pack your husband lunch? Bah humbug.

le7 said...

(I don't even pack myself lunch).

Altie said...

trs- pack le7 a lunch with smilies on it.

mottel- lol. quite a story. so is every post of yours gonna say 'after the wedding' from now on for a very long time?