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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Grand Wedding of the Chief - The Legendary London Trip III

Click on the link for photos from Chief P's wonderful wedding, and more!

Though seeing London was a joy, and worth a trip in and unto itself, the main purpose for the trip was to rejoice at the marriage of my dear friend, The Chief.
The wedding, way out in Watford, was truly a blast!

Various members of the London Lubavitcher community

Though I came as a surprise guest, I was surprised with a brocha under the Chupa

Following the chupa there was a very British style buffet reception of various smelly fishes and fruit . . .
Followed by the dancing!


The Cehvra: Chatzkel, Yossi, Chief, Dear Dan and one Mottel

Yossi sings!

The breaking of the fellowship

After the wedding we spent some time going to Dear Dan's old mivtzoyim route from his days in London, visiting various people to put tefillin on with them.

While neading back to North London, we made a stop at Abbey Road . . .


For Shevuos we went to Manchester.
To my surprise and pleasure, I would find out that our host H. (who along with his wife is a most amazing machnis orchim!) had been following my blog since the early days in Poland!

In the bus station

Stay tuned for the fourth and final installment of the Legendary London Trip!

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Mushka said...

That last image looks like a pastel or watercolor...
is that real or photoshopped?

sarabonne said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for coming to my wedding.

The chief

the sabra said...

Love the tefillin pics.

The bus station I thought I did, but now not so sure. I think if there was some ominous plot goin on indoors, I'd like it more.

You don't care for my views on your photos, do you? I don't remember impressing you with my own shots ;)