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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Out and About London - The Legendary London Trip II

Tower Bridge

For continued photos and experiences from the Legendary London trip, click on the link!

Through all of my travels I have become somewhat of a power traveler. Despite a general 'lazy' aspect of my "home base" personality, when I'm on the road, I run nearly non-stop - trying to take in every thing at hand.

The Warszawa Chevra, those seasoned few that traveled across Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, across Socialist (I mean Wester) Europe and beyond, were all able to do it.
Not everyone else can handle the break neck speeds and constant picture taking of my traveling.
Thus I did not see the inside of the Tower of London . . . nor the British Museum.
But that's another story.

Tower of London

Thirsting for something cold, we stopped by a Starbucks conveniently located next to the tower.
I've been to Starbucks often enough to figure out their wacky cup sizes for ordering (Tall, Grande, Venti) . . . But it would seem the either Starbucks has not caught on in London (perhaps something to be thankful for) to the extent that even the baristas don't know what a doppio on ice in a grande cup, or the staff there was completely out to lunch.

Dear Dan and Yossi schmoozing over empty cups.

Detail from the Middle Tower

Memorial for the Merchant Seamen and Naval officers drowned at sea

From there we went off to Canary Wharf. Though a yeshivah student had raged about the place, it seemed that beyond a few sky scrapers, there wasn't all that much happening there.

Camden town swarming with weirdos and stands selling chachkas was much like my own Los Angeles's Melrose . . . and thus full of Israelis.

With Shachar

A Polish Store . . . oh the memories

Zonked after traveling

The next day, before the Grand Wedding of the Chief, we made a short trip to near by Hampstead.

Milk at the door

The Willow House

The Sundial House (I loved how every house had a plaque on it naming after some distinguishing mark

Stay tuned for the next post: The Grand Wedding of the Chief!

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The Real Shliach said...

Nice post.

Mottel said...

What you like about it?

The Real Shliach said...

The presentation of the photos, the sense of traveling with you.

le7 said...

Yeah wasome photos. Definitely a nice camera your Momma gave you!

le7 said...

I'm serious. There is an extra clarity and depth to these photos.

Anonymous said...

Hey - if you went to Canary Wharf at the weekend, I'm not surprised it was so deathly quiet - it's busy in the week, that's for sure! But essentially yes, it is all skyscrapers. There is a museum there, but it kind of gets lost in all of the modernity. Used to live near there.... ah the memories....!


Not Brisk said...

nice photos

Mottel said...

-Shavuatov: I went on bank holiday.
-Not Brisk: Thanks!