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Friday, December 05, 2008

Pictures of the Floating World- Thoughts in Threes

It was pointed out at the L'chaim of a good friend that I'm a rather sentimental person . . . I don't live the past; I do, however, look back to past events with great nostalgia.

A place in time,
A thought,
a taste
or smell . . .  these things posses within them a powerfully evocative sense of all things that have gone by - pearls of experience that I count over in my mind.

I thought about making a list of different events and things that I remember.
It makes for bad Blogging - my past experiences, half explained in vague thoughts . . . often just vignettes captured by the mind of a child, do not mean much to others.
So I often push off posts like this.
And in the end, I think it is for the better.


I'll list these things, in no particular order . . . you tell me what you think.

A Child's Toys:
  • Broadringer: A bamboo staff I had as a child -lost around the time of my Bar-Mitzvah
  • The Sword of Silva: A sword my father had, kept hidden in my parents closet. I found it one Sunday morning with a friend, and it inspired me to write a story. It still sits in my house, once again in a closet. I've been writing ever since.
  • The Two Daggers: One my father bought for me at the Renaissance Faire. The other a friend brought back to me after a trip to China. They were lost to the boxes when we moved, shortly after starting Yeshivah.
Places in the Deep:
  • Venice: When I first stepped foot in Venice, it truly felt magical. It was a place made from the fluff of dreams. I still dream of Venice
  • Hel: My year in Poland was a difficult year, full of ups and downs . . . I think in many ways I grew from it. I know this blog did. But when I went to Hel . . . it was something else. It was a release. I was able to spend two fleeting days out on the Polish Seaside with my dear friends.
  • Israel: I would be remiss not include the Holy Land on a list of places the resonate in my mind. Cliched as it may seem . . . I did come home.
Moments in the Deep:

  • Purity: Doing a Taharah on a Jew in Vilna
  • Loss: Saying Tehilim in the hearse alone with my grandfather
  • Reflection: At the Ohel


  • A Black Peruvian felt hat that I wore in from the Fourth to the Sixth grade . . .
  • My first fedora - I bought in LA so I could wear a new hat to Crown Heights for Yud Shvat . . . Ignorant of the fact that better prices and quality could be found in the New York. It now sits collecting dust in my Grandmother's closet.
  • The black kasket that, despite some wear, still holds its own around the globe

Good Shabbos to all.

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Sefirah said...

The dagger dad bought is in the left drawer of the desk, buried deep beneath cd's and old notebooks.

Elisheva said...

Where is the image from?

Mottel said...

It's known as "Great Bridge, Sudden Shower at Atake" by Japanese artist, Utagawa Hiroshige from the Ukiyo-e school of art - which means "pictures of the floating world", hence the name of the post/