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Friday, April 11, 2008

Picture of the Week -44

Night in the City of Angels. Taken last Thursday evening from the Hollywood Hills -looking out to Downtown LA.

A Blessed Shabbos to all . . . May we all find inner rest and joy.

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Shmuel said...

nice!! can you leed me to this site please? where exactly is this?

Perel said...

The contrast between the city and the...building? is intriguing, for a sec i thought these were copy past photoshop work :-)
nice shot

Mottel said...

The picture is from the Yamashiro in LA . . . It offers a nice view of the city so I went up there with some friends.

me said...

Wow, I haven't been there in years... It's stunning up there day or night.
The contrast though is cool. But that's so typical LA. Right off the mountain side you have city all around you.
Tall trees surrounded by even taller buildings, with mighty hills and mountains in the background.
Hmm... kind of nice to be here :)

Mottel said...

It is very nice . . . but it brings out what LA really is -a facade. The guys working in Exodus wanted to see the sights of the city . . . What are they? The Grove? City Walk? Cute places that try to be somewhere else, but end up being so LA.

me (again...) said...

I say, that everything in LA is fake. it's all one big movie set. The houses are built up, but they're not "homes", they're just fake edifices. Everything is made to look like something it is not!

Even the noses are fake!!!