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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Chanukah


Taken last year outside of Yeshivah

The Miracle of Chanukah is an eternal lesson:

The one pure jug of oil is the essence of the Jewish soul that can never be defiled. When we touch the essence, we grow stronger in the face of darkness, adding a new light every night.


Of all the Keyword searches that brought people here today, the winner - by six - was:

Chanukah ham

Apparently Chanukah Ham is real . . . well sorta.
Perhaps that's why I got so many keyword searches.
(Hat Tip: My buddy Zan and A Simple Jew)

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Jessica said...

I love the big chabad (i dont know if that is for sure a menorah from chabad, but where i'm from they're the one's who light the big community menorah) menorahs... Haven't seen one yet this Hanukkah (though, it is still the first day). Thanks for posting a picture though. It just doesn't feel like Hanukkah without it (the big menorah, that is).

Mottel said...

This Menorah is indeed one from Chabad -in LA in this case.

The power of the Public Menorah, and the positive effect it has on so many Jews, is truly beyond our knowledge . . .
Have a Happy Chanukah!