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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get Your Free Chanukah Ham

I understand the need to be politically correct these days . . .

Or rather, though I feel that our current 'PC' attitude is a sickness that may very well bring our country down (Those who need any proof need only look at the current fiasco when dealing with terrorists . . . I mean 'Political Dissidents')

However, while working in this self-confining ghetto of PC'ness, there ought to be some limits. Unless, of course, limiting anything is also no longer correct.

I take issue with the use of the words "Holiday Season".

The holiday season runs from Thanksgiving until New Years . . .

Advertising, however, starts much earlier.

From the after Halloween, everything is ready for X-mas.

The day following Thanksgiving begins the Valentine's day shopping spree.

But holiday consumerism is an old issue.

What bothers me is the need to make it so squeaky -'PC'- clean.

Picture in you mind a crisp winter evening. The moon peaks over the heads of spruce and fur trees, all bedecked in coats of freshly fallen snow. A little log cabin, itself blanketed in white, sends warm puffs of smoke a drift in to the inky night sky. Through the window can be seen a large extended family, enjoying frothy glasses of eggnog and a succulent goose. Children stand eagerly around a brightly trimmed evergreen, a veritable miniature of the looming sentential outside. Grandma and Grandpa sit in the rockers; he puffing a wooden pipe with a silver mouth piece, she knitting warm mittens for her precious children.

The night is silent, all still -then suddenly, from beyond the moon, comes a jingle of dainty bells, the huff of vigorous reindeer, and the hearty laugh of a joyous mind . . .

What comes to mind . . .

Concerning what do we speak? The "Holidays" of course!

Even more so, Disneyland invites us all down for a joyous 'Holiday' parade ending with a smiling Mickey and Minny wearing red and white "Holiday" clothes.

Even more so Ralph's has great offers on "Holiday" decorations . . . and even more, a chance to win your very own Honey Baked 'Holiday' Ham!

Wow! My very own Honey Baked Holiday Ham!

Why that's really multi-cultural! Why I bet it will make the highlight of every Holiday this 'Holiday Season' . . .

I mean, who doesn't like to sit down to a good Honey Baked Holiday Ham after lighting the Menorah?

Oh, wait . . . We Jews don't eat ham.

Then perhaps its for Ramadan (when the Muslim lunar calendar so wills it to be in the 'Holiday season')

Oh, no?

What then?



For Heaven's sake, if you have to say Kratzmach, then say it . . . Don't hide it behind vague political correctnesses!


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