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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Whisper of the Lights

A Photo Essay of Chanukah, 5767 in Los Angeles

Click on the below link to see them . . .

Second Night

Third Street Promenade

Second Day

Rabbi S. Cunin speaking at the Torah scroll dedication in Pacific Palisades.

My dear friend and former roommate, Y., dances with the Torah dedicated in honor of his father.

During the ride back . . .

the endless waters of the Pacific . . . taken while going 45 MPH

The Third Night

Menorah Lighting in Los Feliz

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this sign . . .

Fourth Night

In The Grove with my super mivtzoyim partners Motti and Shmueli S.
(Incidentally, my name is Mordechai Shmuel)

Whom should we bump into other then long time friends Steven (a great actor) and Aharon (a great soldier in the IDF)

Why is the Cole Slaw red if it's made of green Cabbage?

Fifth Night

The Menorah even brings light to the Hollywood-Highland Center

Even Reform has gotten in on Public Menorah Lightings . . .

A.G. behind the lights . . .

Sixth Night

R' Mendel Marazow at the Freedman-Thaler wedding.
The next night he came to farbreng and went until a quarter to five in the A.M.
Not bad for someone pushing 90+

Seventh Night

L.A. sunset ASJ, this one was for you.

Lighting outside the Arclight Theaters . . .


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yitz said...

Great pics! I added a comment to your previous "Hannukah bush" post, appropriate for today, Ayein sham.

A Simple Jew said...

Beautiful! Thanks Mottel :)

nomi said...

amazing pics!

Mottel said...

Glad you all liked.

Tamara said...

Oddly enough, this year I missed both the Arclight candle lighting and the shul's.

Last year I was there and took tons of pics, including at Universal.

Again, small world. Perhaps I'll check out the Torah study sometime. I'm totally not a person who learns well on my own.

Mottel said...

It is a small world . .