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Monday, December 25, 2006

Driving Blues

Today was my first time driving with my permit . . .

In the past, I'd pushed off practicing for my year on shlichus -not knowing that I'd end up in the Land of the Warrior Saws.

After a cold spell here in Southern California, today was the first day of true warmth.

We drove to a quite area in Hancock Park. Large houses bathed in the

shade of leafy trees (Unfortunately in Los Angeles when our trees turn, they turn brown -no brilliant display of color) and quite streets seemed ideal for practice.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I began to make my way down the block and then cleared the first corner . . .

Gas, Break, Turn.

As the minutes moved by, I began to pick up a feel for driving -the rhythm of the mechanical behemoth.

The streets were empty, save for a father and son -the father on foot and the boy on bicycle- that seemed to round the corner ahead of me ever so often.

Gas, Break, Turn.

This wasn't so bad . . . I could get used to it.

Gas, Break, Turn.


I turned too sharply and began to go up the curb . . . breaking within centimeters of a street lamp.

Backing up I took a look at the car.

The body was fine.

The tire, however, had blown open.

With out a cell phone, I had to wait for the next pedestrian to come by . . .

The streets were quiet . . . all seemed to be preparing for their silent night.

At last salvation came . . . in the form of the father with his young son on bike.

Proffering his cell phone, he let us know that he too was one of the tribe -his son, all the while, zipping around us on his bike.

My mother looked at the boy,

"Your son is so good at ridding the bicycle."

"I know," the father smiled. "I've been trying to get him to try it for several years now. But he refused. Today he said he was ready. It took him half an hour. He didn't even need training wheels. I'm so proud of him! He still has trouble with turning though . . ."

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Mimi said...

(Thanks for the comment!)

Ahhh, driving...

Mottel said...

That was fast . . .

Mimi said...

Yea, well, as soon as you comment, it pops up on my gmail updater thingie - love it...and I take full advantage :)

Anonymous said...

flat tire first time moving a car?

Mottel said...

Driving . . . yes.

Sefirah said...

yeah well, i never popped the tire.
beginners skill for me :)

RaggedyMom said...

Driving made me so nervous when I started! So many things to remember, so much to look after! I thought I had a breathing problem! After a few weeks, I got so used to it that it became like second nature!

Mottel said...

That's good to know.