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Monday, August 20, 2007

A Lithuanian Summer in Italy V -On Carnivals and Rimini

In the old town of Rimini

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One of the days of camp we told the kids there would be a carnival.
After the initial confusion -their perception of the word carnival was inline with the Roman-Catholic Carnival and not our American ('traveling') carinival.
Various booths were set up, with tickets given as prizes to be used for purchase of popcorn and soda.

Alex runs the the balloon shave.

Searching for coins in flour


Watermelon eating race

Joe mans the refreshment booth

Head Counselor Shmulie vs. our very own Mottel

After the carnival we took the kids on a trip to Rimini proper . . . the old town famed to have the oldest Roman arch in Europe.

Augustus Arch

A group shot

The castle

I have since added this to my collection of European Swastikas

Tiberius bridge

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Mottel said...

Are people getting tired of these photo essays? I still have another one or two to go . . .
I figured it would be better to publish it all while it was still fresh in my mind, but . . .