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Sunday, August 27, 2006

On lone Polish Swastikas

Anti-semitism is a fact of life .  .  .
Yet despite the claims of others, I have not found it to be so rampent in Eastern Europe -the BBC is by far worse then a drunkin Pole.
I've been yelled at by Lithuanians on several ocastions . . . but the commen denominator between the perpatraitors is that they tend to have a bark worse then their bite.

Swastikas, however, are far more common.
In Lithuania and Ukraine I understand -there are Jews there, and according to the corrupted thoughts of these thugs, they have reason to act as they do.
But in Poland?
Besides the fact that 1.9 Million Poles were killed by the nazis, whom are they trying to show their proud neo-nazism to? These little towns in Galicia have been Judenfrei for over 50 years .  . .
Go try and understand a Pole.

Galcia, Poland

Crimea, Ukraine

Vilnius, Lithuania


naomi said...

all true..i'm happy to be going back to montreal now..

Mottel said...

It's interesting how it says love in Polish next to the swastika