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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Diadem in the Dust -part 2

Part One
A greater problem in the world of Bochur Shlichus is the misuse and maltreatment of Bochurim by the Shluchim/Yeshivos for who they work.

To preface, the job of a shliach in Yeshiva is mainly to learn. Period. Not to be a Rosh Yeshiva, a Mashpia, a Deah Zugger etc. Any thought otherwise is to ignore the very clear words of the Rebbe, and to impede (and wreck havoc to) the hatzlocha of the Kvutza in general, and the buchor as an individual.
However, the Shluchim must be given some means of doing their jobs. They must be able to work with in the realms of the Yeshiva, posses the authority that's needed to work the younger bochurim under their charge or the community in which they work. Great is the frustration of these shluchim who, though gifted with many skills and talents, find their participation in the very subject that they were sent to work with denied . . .
To the other extreme many Yeshivos, b'frat those that are entirely centered around Shlichus, find the bochurim asked to do the impossible -to fill the role of the Shliach under whom they work -left completely alone -with out being cared for either physically or spiritually. Talmidie Hashluchim are z'chus to the place where they are sent, and they should not be treated in any other way.