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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Say What? Did JTA just spam me?

I got this today in my inbox from the JTA:

Notice how they decided to sign me up for service I hadn't asked for (for "Free"), and then gave me the option that if I didn't like their present, I could then click through to unsubscribe.
Gee thanks JTA.


Chana said...

Strange new twist on marketing.

AdamJTA said...

As Digital Media Associate for JTA, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that in the last few weeks, I was twice unsuccessful in my attempts to sign up for our Daily Briefing. Turns out I wasn't alone.

Every day, there are a bunch of email addresses entered to our site that don't opt in for any subscriptions--consequently, we leave them alone. However, at some point over the last five months, a batch of 499 e-mail addresses accrued not fitting this category. These 499 e-mail addresses were volunteered by visitors to our site who we're pretty darn sure were attempting to subscribe to some service of ours. These 499 people, including yours truly, got the daily briefing above with an apology note and opt-out instructions in the event that we were wrong, or in case they had changed their minds since entering their e-mail address.

According to our CRM's Terms of Service, spam isn't kosher. Since we really like our CRM, we really don't mess with their no-spam policy. I hope you can take my word for it that this wasn't some attempt to spam readers with Jewish news. If after reading this, you still think we botched this one, please let me or our CRM know.


Reuven Fischer said...

Me Too!!!!

I got the EXACT same email today


Just like a guy said...

AdamJTA seems to have a good explanation.

Mottel said...

Thanks for responding so quickly and shedding light on the issue. I registered with you guys sometime back to post a comment on you 100 Most Influential Jewish Twitterers article (of note, my complaints to JTA on that matter were never addressed - though to start digging up old issues is beyond the point.)
I didn't sign up for the mailing.

e said...

The lady who deal with subscriptions at needs to wade through heaps of hate mail every time sends out a mass mailing.

Mottel said...

-E: I feel her pain - I've sent out mass e-mails of my own before and experienced the hate . . .

Esser Agaroth said...


Yep. They got me, too.

I used to feel guilty abut marking a Jew's email as spam, thinking that it was some form of meseriah, but not with JTA.

Report them as a possible phishing attack.