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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Moshe vs. Moses

G-d willing I'll be doing Exodus in Los Angeles again this year (this time for the whole time -not just the last few days . . .)

The question arises though . . . How should Moshe be portrayed.

In the past there was a definite problem in the scripting -Moshe was quiet frankly dull . . .
True he had a rousing speech about the Jewish enslavement, he got to point his finger at Pharaoh and say "Let my people go . . .", he got to tap his staff on the stage and bring plagues.

But that was about it.

Meanwhile , the Egyptians would bicker, joke, laugh and frankly act as the entertainment.
The end:
  • Moses = Melodrama
  • Egyptians = Coolness and fun
Children leave with stronger memories from the Egyptians then the Jews. Something we don't want.

There was a suggestion to make Moshe cool -give him an "Ask Moses" Baseball cap -some shades, and the like . . .
Why be a Moshe, be a Moses -maybe even a Moe.

A better recipe for a leader of the Jewish Nation is needed.

Moshe should be funny, he should be cool . . . but to what degree?

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Anonymous said...

Why not have Moshe be in a suit with a pair of shades. That way he he'll be like a modern day Rabbi in a by-gone era. He should have a sharp sense of humor, and interact with the audience. He should not only talk to the audience, "the people of Israel" but he should ask them questions, tell them to do something etc. Moshe should be the "it" character. Like "Rabbi Cool" amongst the foolish Egyptians...
Then again I could be totally off the mark...

Mottel said...

I thought it would be funny if Moshe would come out in biblical garb -and after deciding he needed to save the Jews, he would take out a pair of sunglasses -perhaps with some cute background music . . .

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a cute idea, but the problem with that, is, that it sends a subliminal message that you have to "modern" to save the Jews, you know what I mean?
If he starts out modern, then it's a cool Rabbi. If he becomes modern then there's something amiss. again, this is just personal opinions and i could be wrong.
It's very hard to make M"R into the loveable star... Moshe Rabbienu is Emes in the truest form, and it takes a lot of self examination, and humility to be able to recoginize and appreciate it.

Jewish Children's Museum said...

I don't think it should be just about making Moshe memorable, but making the memory real, making it right.

Granted, you have to compete with the Egyptian characters. But if you're looking to make Moshe equally memorable, doing it in a way that sacrifices the truth of what Moshe represents would only do children a disservice, no?

Mottel, your idea might just strike the right chord, but what about who Moshe was (sans the comics) isn't memorable? If its done right, I think it can totally make an impression. And the right kind.

Mimi said...

(Whoops, was apparently on our dead blog here at the JCM, was trying to fix something - that was me)

Mottel said...

Moshe will be Moshe no matter what -I wouldn't let it be any other way.

I think that Moshe will be the same powerful figure -with powerful speeches and the like. Perhaps we'll make the Egyptians nastier and less 'cute', and with a Moshe who has a few sharp (funny -but not silly) lines things will go well.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye moses, goodbye moe, ey?
Sounds like you've got a good plan of action.
Unfortuately the only two things i remember from Exodus when i was a kid, is: 1, Krias Yam Suf, they did it amazingly... I will never forget the experience
2, unfortately when the frogs plaged Mitzraim they played a goyishe song, and all the kids were exited and hopping to it, and i remeber that... oh wait, i also remember an mitzrie beating up a Jew, it was really graphic and depressing!
In any case i do remember having a really good time, and having enjoyed it lol.

Anonymous said...

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