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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Exodus Photos

My lack of posting over the past couple of days has been due to three reasons.
-My second smicha test (Which, thank G-d, I passed)
-My preparations for my trip this year to make a seder.
-And finally I was cast to fill in as the part of Moses for the last two days of . . .

EXODUS in Chabad West Coast Headquarters.

Enjoy the Photos

Rabbi Cunin greats the crowds

'Bob' the sound guy -he threw frogs that almost put my eye out.

"Every thing turned to blood! The Apple Juice turned to blood! The Orange Juice turned to blood! The milk in my Cocoa puffs turned to blood! I even cut my finger and blood came out!"

Baking Matzah

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A Simple Jew said...

Great pictures, Mottel!

Shimon said...

I've been trying to keep my identity a secret but I can't help but tell you that I saw you in the play at Chabad. Hashkachah Pratis! I even spoke with you, but didn't know who you were. It was a great play. Seriously, it was really funny and you and the other Bochurim did a great job. Mazal Tov on passing your Smicha Test. Kosher Un Freiclichin Pesach!

Mottel said...

When did you come and what did we speak about -you can e-mail me the info if you want mordechai7215 at gmail dot com