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Monday, January 28, 2008

Mottel in the Holy Land IV -In the Army

Taken in Kikar Rabin, Tel Aviv

Not a lot to write -but some nice pictures.
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Yud Shevat we were in Bat Yam . . .

In the hotel with us there was completely secular Birthright.One of the students knew dozens of Carlebach songs and a smattering of Chabad Negunim on his guitar. We rocked the hotel that night . . .

In Bat Yam -Photo by R.M.F.

Various candid shots around Tel Aviv:

Towards the evening we were taken for a special treat -a surprise visit to a base used by Nachal Charedi, though Birthright officially doesn't allow groups to cross the Green Line, we managed to have strings pulled to let us into the West Bank.

Our Land

Trying out various weapons . . . Spot the blooper and you'll get an honorary shout out on the Blog (If that means anything to you)

A soldier davening Mincha

The soldiers put on a special show for us, where they made a mock raid of a house.

Next Stop: Tzfas.

Parts One, Two, and Three

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Nemo said...

One thing's for sure... you don't know how to hold a gun...

Kosher Foodie said...

...But you def know how to take good pics, shkoyach for the kikar rabin one, the colors, the shades..etc. The rest is ok, but the first one is A+

Anonymous said...

you are holding the gun on the wrong side

Sef said...

i was gonna say..yeah...arent you right handed?...and it looks like your holding it with ur left hand?

Anonymous said...

every nanosecond in israel and every centimeter in israel begs for a photo