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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mottel in the Holy Land V -Tzfati Style

A gate in Tzfas

On Friday, Erev Shabbos Kodesh, we went to the Holy City of Tzfas.

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"The purpose of Judaism is to bliss out in the most unbelievable way possible."

Our first stop was to a place of תרבות ישראלית - Israeli Culture - one of the mandatory stops on Birthright's itinerary. Our source of pristine Israeli culture was from a 'Kabbalah Artist' -a lively chap that moved to Israel after becoming inspired by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's books.

Besides taking candid images on this trip, I also took many pictures of Graffiti scrawled around Israel -Tzfas, with its numerous Na-Nach's was great.

One of the ubiquitous Na Nach Nachma Nachman M'umans

A view out towards Mt. Meron.

From within the R' Yosef Karo's synagogue.

The Aron Kodesh of the Ari Ashkenazi Shul

In the Tzfas candle factory -I particularly enjoyed this one.

A Yeminite Jew -caught in photo (Dovid over at A Gonzo State of Mind took one of him on a different trip too!)

We went to the famed Ari z"l's Mikvah, which was indeed cold (but not unbearably so -as a Russian I know once said, "When we were kids we used to go swimming during the spring in the Neva river when pieces of ice were still floating down stream. Now that was cold!") and dirty, but again not unbearably so.

From there we went to . . .

Rebbe Yehoshua ben Chananiah

The Holy Ari's Kever, as well as the Ramak and Alkabetz

From Tzfas we went to Rebbe Yonasan ben Uziel . . .

A View of snow peaked Har Chermon (Mt. Hermon)

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Nemo said...

I'm starting to think that the guy wasn't even a Yemenite Jew... just wore the costume to said sandwiches to a bunch of ignorant tourists.

Sef said...

I've seen the yeminite guy many times. He gave me a free na nach book in french, nice huh?

Sef said...

wait...did you at least get to see the metsuda????

Anonymous said...

I MISS TSFAT! the view towards meron... i remember that spot! and the picture from inside the Karo shul... i took almost the exact same shot....
and the blue everywhere...........
and i agree with sefirah - if you didnt get to see the metsudah, you definitely missed out.

David said...

Nice picture!! wow!

Sef said...

so who won that contest?

Anonymous said...

incredible pictures you've got.
i do appreciate you posting them.
i absolutely fell in love with one of em and i think i'll blow it up. (err un-terrorist like, i promise)

the clarity and sharpness completely strengthens their beauty.

ok ok ill shutup now.

Mottel said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the pics!

le7 said...

I took pictures of half of the things in this post myself. But who can resist when surrounded with such beauty?