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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weird Sign Wednesday XII

This week's Weird Sign Wednesday gets back to basics . . .  A garden view basement that's also an apartment? And it's conveniently located on New York Ave? It has luxurious A/C! Wow let me in on this deal!

[I put up an old picture earlier - to see the post it was in originally click here]


e said...

wasn't this posted already?

Mottel said...

Indeed it was - yikes! Good thing I'm at the Apple store now - I'll sub this pic out and put in a new one (with a link to the original post that featured this sign for those who want to see it)

(someone should tell Guillaume, whoever that is, to sign out of his/her account after using the computer . . . because other people wouldn't be so nice to log out . . .)

e said...


sarabonne said... what's the rent? Weird sign or no, it sounds nice.

Mottel said...

-e: name of the person who was logged in before me.

-Sarabonne: No clue - it's an old sign though . . . so I wouldn't get my hopes up.