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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weird Sign (almost no longer) Wednesday VI

This week's Weird Sign Wednesday is a little late (err . . . it's almost Thursday) - so I'm packaging it with a few interesting links.
To the sign:
"Great I'd love a washing Machine and Dryer . . . now what's the number to call?"

-There's a fascinating article I found from R' Menachem M. Kasher on the author of the Zohar original printed in Sinai: Read it here.
   (I decided to translate it for fun in Google Translate . . . and got this gem when in a paragraph on the Zohar and Gershom Scholem:
בשנת תש"א יצא לאור בירושלים ספר בשם: Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism מאת פרופ' ג' שלום, בו מברר באריכות שאלת הזוהר ומחברו ודעתו עם אלה המייחסים אותו לר' משה די ליאון ולא עם אלה שמקדימים אותו. In Jerusalem Ts"a published a book called: Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism by Professor John Peace, which at length the question of checking the Zohar and its author and his mind with those attribute it to R. Moses de Leon and those ahead of him.)
-Quirks of translation brings me to another great link:
Translation Party! This site translate a phrase entered into in repeatedly from English to Japanese and then back again - as can be guessed, Engrish and hilarity ensue!  

-Muppets + Digg + YouTube Commenters = FIRE! . . . Love it!

-From the New York Times: Listening In on a Pay Phone in Queens

-My latest article for Rabbi Chaskel Besser, Activist for Polish Jewry

Please feel free to comment on the Weird Sign, or discuss any of the links here.

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Chaviva said...

The funniest thing would have been if it didn't include the "to buy" note. Just looking, you know. :) I FOUND ONE!