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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why Google Buzz Doesn't Have The Fizz

Buzz has a lot of potential: Digging up stuff from others that may be of interest, using an algorithm to bury stuff that doesn't interest you and bringing the goodies to the top, real time chat.
The problem? I don't want a new social Network - I want something that will let me view my RSS, blogs, twitter, foursquare and facebook - and post back out onto them! Make my networks useful, don't make me nervous with a never ending stream of new stuff!

Interestingly enough - did anyone see this coming? Last year Google rolled out Google profiles. Then a few weeks ago they integrated your Social Networks into their search. Now they've kinda pulled the seeds they laid out together . . .

Just my thoughts.

Buzz Me


Tuvia said...

I kind of view this more as a Google Wave Jr.

One of the big problems with wave was that it was another website to check, and i have enough of them. This is nice because its right in gmail and shows me when there is new stuff to check out.

It also seems to combine the best parts of twitter and facebook into one. I don't like the @ replies from twitter, I prefer comments. I like how twitter pulls from everything, like buzz does.

e said...

Google doesn't want to help make your existing networks more useful. It wants to smother all competition!

Mottel said...

Nah - they're capitalists - not communists.
They wan't to know what you're doing to sell you ads (Facebook is walled off from Google's indexing) and integrate your data into their search results, giving them the edge on realtime information.

e said...

precisely my point. They're capitalists who want to have all your data and smother all competition.

Mottel said...

But that's my point - they want they data, they don't care less about the competition. If they can get stuff from others while keeping them viable, they gladly leave room . . . it's only when they cant get it elsewhere, do they make up a way for them to get it.

Here's the trick to make it good as far as I can tell:
Make it private, and only use it to share videos, pics and stuff with people you'd like to chat with (i.e. makes a great way to yent and show family footage of that new nephew or what have you)