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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Such a Loss

The world has lost the Roshette . . . life long partner of the Rosh, Rabbi Ezra Schochet - the Rosh Yeshivah of my Alma Mater Yeshivah Ohr Elchonon Chabad.
Oh how sad.

Jewish Communities Worldwide Mourn Mrs. Sarah Rochel Schochet

She flew out for our wedding in Ithaca. The next day by the brunch hosted for the visiting guests by the local shluchim (her niece), she ran around us - insisting on pouring my cup of orange juice and serving me cheesecake and coffee - a Choson was a king and there was no way a king would have to serve himself.

When we flew to LA for Sheva Brochos, she invited us for dinner after the fuss over the newlyweds had died down.

. . . and on the way to LA this evening for Purim, we were supposed to eat seudas Purim at their house.
Oy! Chaval al d'avdin... v'hachai yiten el libo
(Photo: Rabbi Schochet in Crown Heights)


Anonymous said...

ease off on the we and me and I a little bit.

Mottel said...

dude - I'm writing my experiences with the lady. I linked to an obituary.
What's wrong? And to attack me with an anonymous comment? Give a name or bug off!

Crawling Axe said...

boruch dayan ho’emes

Mark said...

Baruch Dayan haEmet.

redsneakz said...

Baruch dayan ha'emes.

Anonymous - this is a blog, not a newspaper. Sort of Gonzo Journalism of the soul.

e said...

In Chicago the shluchim used to tell stories about the Roshette's crazy escapades...