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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Berliner and the Lubavitcher - a historic Purim Redux in MP3

After Tzig gave us Harav Hutner I downloaded it onto my Zune HD and played it . . . a geshmak! (Tzig's YouSendit version maxed out - so download it here)
A Litvishe rendition of Daled Bovos (I think they skip the last fal!), other niggunim, a clear crisp Yiddish from the rabbbi himself, and even inyonim from Tanya.

After it all though . . . I yearned for more audio on my mp3 player to take with me.

. . . Tweeting to all Lubavitchers out there that I'd love to get my hands on the MP3 from famed Purim Tov Shin Chai farbrengen, I was answered withing minutes by Mrs. Mann.

Ashrecha Detroit that your shluchos have farbrengenish at their fingertips!

Enjoy Yidden:

Purim Tov Shin Chai (with album art)


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