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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weird Sign Wednesday III -The Mazal Tov to Bloggers Edition

This week's weird sign was sent in by E with his comments:

This sign presupposes that
a. There is a towel with which I have a special relationship, rather than a stack of nameless, faceless paper towels. What is this? The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy?
b. The next customer prefers a dry basin. Is there anybody out there who minds washing his or her hands over a wet basin? For whom are we doing a favor?

Send in your own Weird Sign . . . mordechai7215 at gmail dot com

I'd like to take a moment and wish a mazal tov to our fellow bloggers Cheerio and Sebastian . . . binyan adei ad, a chasidishe shtub meyusod al hatorah k'fi sh'hi meura al pi toras hachassidus etc.

Finally a plea from the heart.
To all of my friends (and enemies) if you have twitter PLEASE take a moment and vote for @lubavitch in #nonprofit!
PLEASE - do me a favor and help my work. It takes a second.

Just follow the link (and don't forget to write a reason for voting)



Anonymous said...

Did it, did it.

Good luck!


e said...

Voted have I!

e said...


Mottel said...

Thanks many times to the both of you!

Big Moish said...

I've done the voting services.

As a side note, we can refer to these, i.e. Friendship Circle Chase contest, Lubavitch Shorty Awards, etc., as 'Yafutzu Hamaayanos Chutza'!