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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Picture of the Week 93 - Murder Inc. Edition

My friend Raps was kind enough to share this photo with us.
The bochur on the left is his great-grand father posing with cheider friends Meyer Lanksy and Bugsy Siegel - a third friend, Philip "Little Farvel" Kovolick is not pictured.

Everyone should have a great Shabbos Shira!

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nateblonde said...

Nice try. That isn't Ben Siegel nor is it Myer Lansky.
Don't take my word for it. Fact is, Ben was much much younger than Myer.

Mottel said...

There was a four year difference between them - I don't see how the boys in the pic cant be four years apart. My friend was told as much about the pic by his grandfather - where the breakdown occurred, if as you say it did, I'm not sure.

nateblonde said...

Well for one, yes you are correct; four years apart
isn't noticable at some ages. I'm myself 37 and if you put
my friend mike next to me, one wouldn't know mike was four years younger.
However this becomes magnified at youth.
Ben could be 12 here and Myer would be 16.
Plus I've actually seen pictures of Myer at this age
and this is simply not him.
This kind if stuff happens a lot with these stories.
Another one is that Moe Sedway and Ben were childhood
friends and this also isn't true.

Mottel said...

If the pictures don't match, I can't argue. A four year difference? With blurry images like this, I still say it's possible. They were however, by all accounts, friends from youth.

nateblonde said...

It's one of those things you just know about.
Ben was actually a bit stocky as a kid and Lansky
was very short.

e said...

The Cheder in Chicago has signs advertising "A cheder education can open any door!" this photo gives new meaning to that slogan.

Shvigga Please said...

If zeide Rapport reports it, then it must be true. At that point it's mesoireh!