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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weird Sign Tuesday: The Inaugural Edition

I'm starting a news weekly series of signs and posters I've seen around New York . . . and the world. They've been chosen either because they're funny, ironic, or just weird.
Let me know what you think, and send me some of your own (mordechai7215 at gmail dot com) and we'll get things going!
Of note, most of these were taken on my cell phone's camera - so please excuse their quality (especially those taken with the Treo 700) - Enjoy!

This sign appeared one day on the Kolel wall during the summer. It says in
Yiddish "איך זיך א מיידל אדער א ווייבל וואס [ווילט] א
"ביטס ריפן
- I'm looking for a girl or a woman that [wants] a JOB. Please call . . .

As well - the Shorty Awards are open for Nominations now! Please Please Please if you have a Twitter account - even if you don't use it actively - do me a favor and Tweet:

I nominate @lubavitch for a Shorty Award in #nonprofit because they do awesome stuff in the Jewish Social Media scene!
or go to their site and vote for my work in the #nonprofit category - just make sure to give a reason after 'because ...' or the vote won't count.
These are the Academy Awards of Twitter (yes - it sounds ridicules . . . and it is - but this is big stuff) and help from my friends goes a long way. 

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e said...

Great! I always take pictures of interesting signs, but I never get around to posting them. Maybe I'll send you some of my stuff.

e said...

farwhy you don't do "weird sign Wednesday"?

Mottel said...

Send them to me!
Weird Sign Wednesday would be great - but it's the day set aside for Riddles - maybe I'll be play around with things and we'll do it.

Nemo said...

$14/hr is less than the prostitution minimum wage.