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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekly Riddle 19: Something Different


This weeks riddle is in a different style - While old school riddles will be standby, tell me what you think of this one.

Sunset on the Sixth:
11 10 10
Sunrise on the Seventh:
11 11 11

This riddle is worth 10 points! I'll give 5 points to any unique and interesting answers that aren't right as well.
I'm also throwing out 20 points for each person that Tweets "I nominate @lubavitch for #nonprofit in the #shortyawards because they use web 2.0 for good things!"
and if you consider yourself my friend, then take an additional 5 points just because I love you!

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oh yah said...

before seeing the picture:

looking at the numbers side ways:

Sunset on the west coast on the sixth (meaningless) of any month.
looks like the sun and its reflection on the waters

Come for Sunrise the next morning and all you'll see are the waters...

But I have to say the illustration makes it a givaway:

the Sixth Lubavitcher's sun set on the 11th day of the 10th month 5710.

The Sun rose: the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe assumed leadership on the 11th day of the same month a year later 5711

(I dont get why it isnt 11 10 11...)

Ill take the 5pts I am friends with everyone:)

Any and all insights into Basi Legani (esp for the maamer of this yr acc to the cycle) would be greatly appreciated!

Mottel said...

-Oh Yah: We're friends . . . but who are you? :)

oh yah said...


im chaya

e said...

I'll take five friendship points, please.

Mottel said...

-E: You're not going for the riddle? As well, why take five when you could have 25?

Dowy said...

oh i know this one -
11 11 10 is the middle of a 24 minute drum sequence the Aztecs used when supper was ready, and im pretty sure the other one is the beginning of the binary code that sets off a particularly bad virus.

(btw the captcha is serextra, i give ten points to anyone that finds a good meaning for that word)

e said...

It's the name of a laxative.

Can you think of a meaning for "pogetion"?

Dowy said...

someone from pogy?
how about butist

Mottel said...

-E & Dowy: Serextra is a medicine, but it's for impotence - just look at the name!
Pogetion is the result of a Pogy poget poeting!

chaya said...

oops shvat is the eleventh month

so you are going month day year for these two milestones on the chabad calendar

thank you for the 20 points!

Mottel said...

The answer is indeed Yud Shvat tov shin yud, the histalkus, and yud alef shvat is when the Rebbe said Basi L'gani.
Points go to Dowy as well for a great wrong answer.