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Monday, August 31, 2009

Anti-Semitic Reviews On Palm Pre Apps - Yuck!

What was interesting was that as soon as Palm announced these apps, the anti-semitism began and a couple (check out the Kosher2Go app) of the Jewish apps already (within an hour) have Anti-Semitic reviews. Here is a picture of the review:

Anti-Semitism On Palm Pre App Reviews

Honestly, I can say I am not surprised. I am a bit surprised how quick it was, because it took some time for our iPhone apps to get hit with these types of reviews. But Palm is actually acting on removing them now, whereas with Apple, they really never removed them - not until they added the policy that people who review apps must buy them. So kudos to Palm!

Now I just can't wait for the Chitas apps to roll out!


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The Real Shliach said...

Isn't it nice to know that people still hate us? With the way the whole world is topsy-turvy nowadays, it's comforting to think that some things never change.

e said...

what does this shabbat shalom app do? Tell you when shabbat is? The dude obviously doesn't understand how shabbat times work.

Mottel said...

-TRS: Yup.

-E: Yeah, it gives zmanim (check out the screen shot on the app's site I linked to). The comments had little to do with the content or purpose of the application itself, but rather with ignorance in general. One commenter on that app, and the Kosher Restaurant finder one, was appalled that there were Jewish apps and no Xtian one. He took it as a sign that Palm is controlled by Jews. These guys are screwy 'tis all.

e said...

It's like the guy who made Christian Salt b/c he was pissed that Jews get kosher salt.