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Friday, January 16, 2009

Picture of the Week 65

This picture has been on the slides-show of pictures on the sidebar for some time now, but was never featured as an actual picture of the week.
With out further ado, I give you, my dear and faithful friends:
The Prague Astronomical Clock.

Pay heed to the inner figure on the upper leftside of the clock . . .  a Jew holding a money bag . . . representing the vice of greed.

What of the prejudecies and symbols? I give you a guest post I wrote for my good friend A Simple Jew:

Enjoy and a good Shabbos to all!

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chaviva said...

Shabbat Shalom, Mottel. That's a beautiful photograph ... the colors so vivid.

SuperRaizy said...

There's so much beauty in the cities of Europe... and so much ugly anti-semitism hiding everywhere you look.

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful, beautiful image - although I agree with SuperRaizy on the 'hidden' features of our continent!

BTW, I come to you via Chavi's blog... :)

Mottel said...

-Chav: Thanks for the kind words.

-SuperRaizy: Europe has its issues, but I'll take my Eastern European antisemites over the Western European Pseudo-intellectuals any day.

-Shavuatov: Where in Europe are you from? You're welcome back, anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hey - England! And despite what some fools in this country of mine think, we ARE part of Europe! Dang that stretch of water between us and the mainland!

I'll return, never fear...