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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Have Tefillin -Will Travel

Kazimierz Dolny 5766 -I'm not sure why I put up this picture, but I like it.

This a post that has been a long time in the making -in fact, in various forms this was to be one of the earliest posts put up here . . .

The Letters of Thought Guide to Travel

Perhaps this will be a running guide, with regular updates -but for now, here is a list of the most important travel tips that I have, to be elaborated later.

-Towel: The most massively useful thing bring, don't leave home with out it -besides its normal use, it doubles as a blanket, a pillow, a tent, a tablecloth, a rope, a damp towel can be used to block the gap between the door and floor to help stop noxious gases or smoke from entering the room, a bag to hold one's clothes in, a whip, a hat, as a "sling" for a broken arm, and (possibly) a parachute.

-Box of Matzos: They don't go bad and the box, when combined with the towel (see above), makes for a great headrest.

-Hotels have the free maps: When you arrive in a town, go directly to a nice hotel (at least three stars) and ask for a map -they'll gladly give you one for free, with your location (in the hotel) clearly marked out on it.

-Get Lost: Stay off the beaten path (and your map will help you get back)

-Bike: Life is better when you ride bikes . . . at least that's what I saw written on a wall in the Golan. Renting a bikes gives you a good view of the city, with the ability to move and cover ground.

-Bring a bathing suite: You never know when you'll need one.

-Try experience something local: as a Kosher consumer, it isn't possible to usually try many of the local dishes -I have since settled upon tasting the local beers, as it gives a taste of local life, and actually speaks a lot about the region.

-Start a collection: After meeting the Roving Doctor, I realized that there is something nice about starting a collection of mementos.

-Camera: As should be understood.

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chaviva said...

Camera -- yes, a must. Agreed. And if you forgot your camera, oy, what a state your readers would be in!

Passedby/cameback ;) said...

Towel - hysterical....

-Bring a bathing suite: You never know when you'll need one. VERY VERY funny!!

Anonymous said...


Laundry bleach - disinfects water as well as surfaces, strong skin antiseptic, and can be used for kiddush when kosher wine and mashke are unavailable.

Seriously, when traveling it is also fun to sample local mashke so long as you know it is not of grape origin (not hard to find out). Usually traditional national drinks, such as Czech and Hungarian plum and other fruit brandies, Slovak berry gin, Unicum, and even the notorious sosborszesz - which is Hungarian medicinal alcohol that can also be ingested - don't have glycerin or other additives that may be treyf.

Mottel said...

-Chav: B"H I haven't forgotten my camera (though I almost did this past chanukah) -but I have had the battery go on a trip (luckily my friends had theirs). I actually need to get a new xD memory card for the coming trip, as 512 MB doesn't cut it. (If anyone wants to sponsor . . . )

-Passerby: There have been too many times that I've been somewhere that I could go swimming, and I didn't have my bathing suite.

-Itzhak: The Laundry bleach explains a lot. Mashke is limited, however, to eastern Europe.

Leora said...

Love the photo. And the thought of using a box of matzos as a pillow.

Anonymous said...

The towel thing is straight out of the guide

& for a bathing suit you could always use you're Gatkes (Hel)

Anonymous said...


There is interesting mashke in India as well and because of the Hindu prohibition against beef and the Muslim prohibition against pork there is no way for animal based additives to be used there. It is called fenny and comes from the area where Israeli tourists hang out (Goa). Someone brought me some - goes too far back for me to remember if I like it.