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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Rebbe's Tears

This video has already been up on all of the main Lubavitcher sites . . .
I'm sure you've all seen it.

Interesting how it's only audio played over a montage of black and white photos . . . Everything seems so simple.

And then one hears the Rebbe sobbing.

We realize that things aren't what they seem. We aren't seeing simple photos bound in an eternal stasis . . .

Things are now seen as they've broken down to their essential parts. We're focused.
"Sunday he looks . . ."
"Monday he looks . . ."

It's real.
The Rebbe cries for us, cares for us -and what do we do?

Now though is enough, it's time to wipe away the tears.

The Rebbe once said that Iyar is the month of ultimate simcha.
Adar is the joy of Purim -boundless joy, yet tempered by the fact that we are still in Golus ("We remain slaves of Achashveirosh")
In Nissan we go out of Egypt, we are free . . . but we have not yet matured, the revelations are all from above -we are not yet ready.
In Iyar every day is a mitzvah, each day has a unique sefirah to count, each day is a chance to forge anew our eternal bond with G-d. The joy of a mitzvah, of a connection with the essence of the Creator, is the true joy.

So Rebbe, please stop crying. We don't want to cry, and we don't want you to cry. We are hurting, and seeing you in pain hurts us even more.

Let us laugh together again.


MN said...


Meanwhile, you had the video on your blog?!?! I didn't see it! (Once again, our blogs are like mirrors...)

Now I get to see what came before I walked in and heard the Rebbe crying (and I've never cried like this at my work desk...)

Your words on the video are beautiful. Thank you.

Mottel said...

Sometimes we look and we look, never realizing that what we seek has been in front of us the entire time. (What did I say last time? Great minds . . .)
I'm glad you liked what I wrote. May we both keep bringing inspiration to the world . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh, the mirror of life....
tears of thank you.
Out of the darkness
two points of lights
One reflects another.
How grand it can feel
touched by His presence
our Rebbe.
Very special indeed.