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Friday, May 02, 2008

Picture of the Week 46

Sunset in Hollywood, Sunset in Life -taken like the quintessential Angeleno on my cell phone.

Pages turn in the book of life, chapters written, and chapters sealed. New volumes opened, old ones put aside, but not forgotten.
Externalities reign supreme, look at the package and know what's inside?

Don't read the fine print, gloss and skim . . . it's touch and go.

Palm trees -transplanted from Latin America

Chain link fence -imported from China

Sunset in Hollywood. What is real?

Good Shabbos to all.

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Anonymous said...

For everything else theirs mastercard

Sefirah said...

Torah is real, people are not.

Anonymous said...

your photos make me so happy!

Mottel said...

Sef: People need to live according to the Torah, thus making them 'real.'

Anon: Thank you

Sefirah said...

Thats the goal, but even so I'll still find mistakes among "Torah observant" people.
(including myself of course)