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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Matisyahu -If You Forget We


I'm not sure if I really want to write about Matisyahu's recent statements causing a recent storm in the J-blogosphere (LoR, Guravitzer, and Tzemach way in) . . .
(That and a 'heated' debate k'vyachul about the Rebbe's attendance to the Sorbonne -something very much inspired by an a very un-Chabadesque obsession over all things chitzoniyus v'da"l)

After writing about Matis several times in the past, I have become ambivalent to open criticism of our dear Mr. Miller. He has the dubious honor of being a public figure - true it is something he has chosen to do; but despite his fame, he remains a private person . . . People go through struggles, change, and grow . . . If we act too harshly, we risk alienating him even more greatly. When something is against halacha, he should be told -

As long as Matisyahu remains a frummer yid, though, I have no qualms with his beliefs. Even more so, as of yet I have not found them to be so entirely radical . . . Saying that his message is not Chabad, not even Jewish, is fine -Chassidus is not a party or doctrine relevant to a single group, but rather a universal inheritance. If the message is undiluted, then the packaging is entirely irrelevant.

Uber, m'darf vissen, az mi tar zach nit upzoggen funn Rebbe'n -afilu a kleine sekund!

Whatever may come, whichever path you may wander, don't forget 'Cut off the roots of your family tree
Don't you know that's not the way to be.'

(Hat Tip: Reshimu)

It's interesting to note the words of Matis's latest remix -how they may express his feelings . . .

I have more work in the winery tomorrow, and as my writing has become even more of a semi-coherent ramble then usual, I will take it as a sign to get some sleep.

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Sefirah said...

nice graphics

Tamara said...

Hey, are you working at the BH winery?

Mottel said...

Canadeigo Winery for the Royal Wine Company (Kedem) in Madera . . . G-d willing I'll be back for Shabbos.