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Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Story of Two Mezuzos

Dovid puts on Tefillin.

After visiting Wolf and his wife the other week, we went to see their daughter -Mrs. W. and her son Dovid.
After a long and friendly conversation the subject of checking one's mezuzos came up -particularly in light of Mr's W.'s illness.
We looked at the mezuzah on the front door, and though neither one of us are expert to say that it was kosher, for all ostensible purposes it seemed to be fine.
The master bedroom, as well as the Dovid's room already had mezuzos as well, so we elected to put up the mezuzah on the daughter's room (she wasn't currently in).
We noticed, however, that both Mrs. W and Dovid's mezuzos were on the wrong side of the door post, so while transferring them to the proper place, we figured it would be worth taking a look inside.
Mrs. W's Mezuzah, despite being put in large case, was little more then paper -not the kosher parchment that is needed- and what is more (if there can be such a thing) it was upside down!
Dovid's mezuzah turned out to only be an empty mezuzah case . . . so up went two more kosher mezuzos.

We then traveled to the Kosher Deli to meet with Isaac. After a long conversation we brought up the need to bring down our meeting on a practical level - a Jew needs physical Mitzvos to remain spiritually sustained as a soul needs a body to be alive.
At first he was against the need to take the mezuzah, but we wouldn't give up . . .

Isaac -a proud owner of a new Mezuzah

Please say tehillim for Mrs. W's complete recovery.

Chaya Leah Esther Bas Zahava.

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Mottel said...

What do you guys think of the new banner?

Sefirah said...

all of your pictures are so posed! the same pose with u and ur friend..both on one side of the too funny

Mottel said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I admire your talent for writing
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