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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Ohel

Taken on my Treo while walking outside the Ohel.

The yesterday I was by the Ohel.
The air was warm, but not humid or oppressing . . . People milled around the tent, others sat along the long tables, humbly writing petitions of prayer -a few of bochurim, several young couples, Israelis, Russians, Poilishers . . . perhaps a little more then twenty people in all.
A Russian man called me over and asked me to help put tefillin on his friend.
A young Israeli in a raven black leather jacket and spiked hair asked me where he could put his shoes.

So many Jewish people . . . All of them coming to one place:

The Rebbe.

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Baleboosteh said...

Love your new title banner Mottel, I saw that photo in one of your recent posts and thought it was a lovely photo.

Mottel said...

Glad you like it . . . all thanks goes to my sis.