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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Challah For Henry II

Just a picture to add some flavor to the post -taken in Meriden, Connecticut

On Friday we returned to the Kissinger Estate with a Challah for Henry. . .
This time we weren't stopped by security, allowing us to drive directly to his house.
As we approached, it occurred to me despite the immaculate grounds - dotted with trees, ponds and rolling green hills - the actual house of the former Secritary of State was in fact surprisingly small . . .
It was definitely a beautiful building, but it lacked the opulence and size that one would expect for such large grounds or famous person. It bespoke of a certain simplicity . . .

A silver Audi parked in the driveway came to our attention; inside sat a dignified lady sporting large sunglasses and teased hair.

We pulled up next to her; she rolled down her window and motioned for us to do the same.
"Can I help you?"
"Yes, we are rabbis and we came here to see Mr. Kissinger. Are you Mrs. Kissinger?"
"Yes I am. If you have anything for him, you can give it to me."

We handed her a challah, explained who we were somewhat more and then thanked her for her time, asking her to wish her husband a good shabbos on our behalf.

She drove off, but as we turned around and began to go back down the gravel driveway that led up the hill and then wound through the forest, we saw that she had stopped and was motioning for us to pull up next to her.
"Who sent you again?"
"We were sent by the Chabad Rabbi here. We have calender with his number on it if you'd like."
"Yes please, I'd appreciate it."

We handed her the calendar. She turned the calendar over, and mumbled 'Lubavitch' - incorrectly putting the stress on the u - to herself.
"Thank you again. And please wish you husband a 'good Shabbos' for us."

We drove off, returning to the Chabad House to prepare for Shabbos.

Thus ended our last full day on Merkos Shlichus in Northwest Connecticut.


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