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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Couple

In general it's worth noting that my posts about the people we've visited experience a great deal of lag . . . Yesterday's post was written almost a week after it happened. So the fact that today's post reports events from only Monday is a good sign . . . I think -though the sudden drop in visitor activity here (both in comments and hits) means either my posts have become more boring, or they've all gone on vacation.

Today's couple, known as Mr. Dovid and Mrs. Freida have the distinct merit of being the first couple to invite us to their home -though due to various complications we weren't able to meet until the other day.

Dovid sat on one side of the living room, while Freida insisted on standing next to the couch that Mendel and I were sitting on -on the opposite side of the room.
It soon became clear that our dear friends were quite different in character; for while Dovid sat on his chair stoically taking in the conversation, Freida spoke a mile a minute . . .

Freida: So I went to a restaurant that had this great food, it was really great, so great that you should go there -but you can't go there because it isn't kosher, but maybe they'll make it kosher, so then you can go there and enjoy it. But anyhow, there were so many people there, from all over the world, and we all enjoyed it because we were all good people who were enjoying good food, which was very good -I mean you came in hungry and if you wanted to eat, you could eat, because the food was just that good.

Mendel: I see

Freida: So I think what needs to be done is that poor people should be able to eat in this restaurant . . . they would like the food and it would make them feel good and turn them into mentchin -you know if we gave them a nice meal, and maybe haircut and shave -unless they didn't need a shave, like if it was women . . . unless she was a hairy women who needs a shave . . .

Mottel: So Dovid, what do you think of all of this?

Dovid: What I can't hear you?

Freida: He said what do you think of all of this?

Dovid: I still can't hear you -I'm old you know.

Freida: What did you say, Dovid? I couldn't hear you . . .

Dovid: What was that? I don't have my hearing aid in today!

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