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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


After mulling through several themes and ways of presenting this edition of J-Pixs, it hit me . . .

What could be more true then the adage 'A picture is worth a thousand words' in a carnival about photography?

Let the pictures speak for themselves!

Eretz Yisroel

Our hearts, minds and prayers are always to Israel, so let us start with the many beautiful photos from the Holy Land:

img_0807.jpgCosmic X shows us the signs that are plastered all over certain Israeli communities in A Sign Of The Times: Protest Against The Abomination In Our Streets and how they can be removed in Israeli Hi-Tech Window Cleaning.

The Arabs and their effect on out land can be seen in There's more Arab building going on posted at Shiloh Musings and Evan's three articles Beyond the Wall, Kochav Ya'akov's Fence and Outside Kochav Ya'akov's Fence.

But life goes on, as we see in Never dull posted by Muse.

People show their solidarity (a word I picked up in Poland) in Adventures in Eretz

and Yom Yerushalayim Photo Essay

Yisrael, and enjoy the sights of Haifa and the Arched architecture of the many cities . . .

Out And About

Frumhouse presents Skokie Sculpture Park -a place where I've never been, while Tamara Eden went to, my favorite, the Huntington Gardens.

David shows pics of a good time at Acrobats, Uncle Moishe and Andy Petite.

While my good pal YOSSI has a whole Slideshow of place where none of us should every go: Jail!

Perez shows us how Judaism can be found on any small trip in the aptly named: JPix and ~ Sarah ~ shows us a Big Bass.


Our J-Bloggers, surprisingly, have lives besides their Blogs and show us aspects of them and what they use as well.

Canadian Salmon shows us his beloved (Zaida) Grandfather,

~Sarah~ some Glorious Glass that brings back my Venetian days

and several delicious food pictures -such as Fresh bread and a recipe from Trader Joe's (a great store!)


Nature is all around us, and some of my favorite pictures are those of G-d's wonders.

Pre-Shavuos Photos by Pinchas are amazing.

And Muse's camera shows us that Even a grey summer's day can be great but presents Naturally we like the sunnier ones.

Some amazing sunsets can be seen at YOSSI's blog in Ostrich in the sunset, Happy Shavuos and some guy named Mottel at Letters of Thought (never heard of him) has several in Shevuos in the Land of The Navajo Part One and Part Two

and for those of you who get up early we even have a summer sunrise.

As well there are some nice water pics -to cool off from all of that sun- at Water Under The Bridge and Gathering Storm.

And thus ends this edition of J-Pix.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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Yossi ! said...

I like the post!

Tamara said...

Hey, thanks for including my pic first! But no link?

Mr Bagel said...

JPix Looks excellent Mottel. 'A virtual feast for the eyes'
Shalom Aaron
Visit: Mr Bagel

Mottel said...

Yossi: I'm glad you like it . . . I like your pics (in truth, your blog inspired me to start!)
Perhaps host a J-pix yourself some time.
I should give you a call, we ought to chat.
Mr Bagel: Thanks for starting Jpix.
Tamara: The link is there, in out and about.

Baleboosteh said...

Nice job Mottel!

Very well put together, you have obviously put a lot of time and effort into it.

...I am not sure which links to look at first! :D

Again, great job.

~ Sarah ~ said...

great job.
nice landscape/sunset pics!!

muse said...


Thanks for the links

Perez said...

Thanks for adding my photograph.

The post looks really nice. Good job.

shirah said...

Great job and great pics. Thanks for including Gathering Storm!

Mottel said...

And I would like to thank all of you for taking such wonderful photos!

Sefirah said...

j aime beaucoup toi foto.
bien fait!!

Canadian Salmon said...

HI Mottel... Thanks for including my pictures. I was shocked to see the link to my site. I will include yours tomorrow.

Cheers and Peace.

Arier. Canadian Salmon.

Mottel said...

I'm always glad to be the source of a pleasant surprise.

Yossi ! said...

you got my number? I'll be in new york this week you gona be there?

maybe we can meet up at the "Bullshove mega event" farbriengen at beis rivkah!?