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Monday, June 04, 2007

Shevuos in the Land of The Navajo -Part Two

Shabbos Amongst the Cacti

This is part two of my Shevuos trip, park one can be seen here.

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We left New Mexico early Friday morning for our Shabbos destination in Tucson, Arizona.
Of note, keep track of how the scenery changes from S. Fe to Tucson.

S. being . . . himself.

Look carefully at the road sign -the name of the town is Truth or Consequences, a place near Elephant Butte Lake . . . You gotta love those names.

Arizona here we come! (notice how the truck says Utah)

I think I've found my calling . . .

We arrived in Tucson around five o'clock, Friday afternoon.
The heat was suffocating, the ground dry and dusty . . .
We stopped off at am old age home and spent time speaking to people who remembered S. from last year. One old lady was from Kovno who took great joy in hearing how I had spent time in her old home town.

Right before Shabbos

Sunday we returned to Los Angeles

But stopped off for an hour or so in Joshua Tree National Park.

And thus ends my Shevuos in the Land of the Navajo and my Shabbos with the Cacti.

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A Simple Jew said...

Beautiful. I can only imagine what it has to be like to go out there for hisbodedus!

It is amazing how nature can reinvitalize us so!

Mottel said...

So true!